Bath Spa Degree Show 2013

I must admit, it was a little weird going back to university a year on... partly because it felt like I'd never left!
But it was fab to see how our 'second years' had got on & they certainly didn't disappoint.
Well done girlies!
You can check out all the work here & the show is running until the 16th of June.

(I'll be chatting to some of my favourite graduates so keep your eyes peeled!)

 Joelle Preddy :: Mixed Media
Catherine Tucker :: Printed Interiors

 Sian Hurst :: Knit

  Megan Staples :: Weave
 Hannah Stevens :: Printed Interiors
Heledd Chaloner :: Mixed Media

Rebecca Robertson :: Embroidered Fashion


  1. Oh how lovely ... I really like Catherine Tucker's printed interiors ... very cool ... Bee xx

    1. They're so lovely aren't they! The entire show was fab, I couldnt possibly pick a favourite!


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