V Fest. My first ever festival.
Ok, so we didn't camp so it wasn't a proper festival but it was still an amazing day!

This week, was also my 'Commercial Anniversary'- a whole year working in my job.
Those feet belong to some very special people in my life and, just over a year ago, I didn't even know they existed.
It's crazy to think how much of an impact people can make on your life, in such a short space of time. 


32/52 + 1

(Sorry this is a week late- I couldnt show you otherwise I might have ruined the surprise!) 
Whilst my amazing sister-in-law worked with orphans in Uganda, we decided to redecorate her bedroom for her.

Before, her room was quite dark- with oiled pine furniture and a deep red carpet that sucked in every bit of light.
But now, with light walls and a freshly painted wardrobe, the room is so much fresh and airy.
Oh, and of course I had lots of fun doing it!



This week was my fifth week of yoga class. And I am totally hooked.
 I thought I may have mixed feelings about yoga and I wasnt sure I would get into it.
But I absolutely adore it. And I've even invested in my own mat!



On Sunday, we spent the day at Hogwarts... If only!
Last year, I bought my best friend, who is a mad Harry Potter fan, tickets to the Harry Potter Studios.
It was a brilliant day out and I urge any fans of HP to visit (but I'm pretty sure you would have already!)



They don't say moving house is the most stressful time for no reason.
This week we packed up all our belongings and moved them into storage, ready to move out on Friday.
However, it just wasn't meant to be. So, whilst waiting for a new move-out date, we're eating ready meals and sleeping on the floor.



A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that myself and six friends were doing our own 'Come Dine With Me'.
Well, Thursday night it was my turn. And the finale. No pressure.
After just returning from a week in the South of France, I thought it would be very apt to have a French theme.
Cue my secret weapon- chilli, pecan and apricot camembert.



For the past 7 months, myself and six work colleagues have been involved in implementing a new green initiative at work.
And Friday was our official launch of what we had produced.
What better way to celebrate than strawberries and Pimms!
This also coincided with our work summer party.
It's crazy to think that I have been in this job for less than a year but I have met some truly wonderful people and made some lifelong friends.
(Now I know I didnt take this picture so it doesnt count. But I just needed to share it with you!)