Snowdrop walk.

Yesterday, Mr H and I decided to go on a snowdrop hunt. The sun was shining, Coldplay was blaring in the car and we were going on an adventure.
Those are the best kind of Saturdays.


Twenty Fifteen.

I was a good three-quarters of the way through today before I realised it was February! Blimey, that crept up on us a bit. I don't feel like I've even had chance to catch up with myself after Christmas (but that's probably because we have 6 birthdays in the family, including mine!)
So this weekend I felt I needed to slow down a bit and take a breath. 
I've finally made time to do all those niggley jobs that get forgotten, like booking a hotel for our friends' wedding in April (yay!) and finding places for all the lovely b'day presents I received last week.

I've also had chance to have a little think about what I want this year to bring. 
In summary, less Facebook, more feeling. 
I would like lots of new adventures and to see a bit more of the world. To eat better and get fitter.
But most of all, to carry on making the most out of those simple pleasures in life. 

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Birthday break.

Last week, I celebrated my 24th birthday. I'm totally rubbish when it comes to organising a birthday event for myself. I always get a bit too stressed (more than you should on your birthday!) and then just give up.
So this year, after one of my best friends offered to plan something for me, I accepted before she even had chance to finish explaining!
She got cracking straight away and was on a pretty strict deadline. But she did an amazing job...

So my birthday weekend was spent at The Barn, in the tranquil Cotswold town of Lechlade. The Barn is a beautifully converted 17th century building and the host, Deborah, could not have been more welcoming. She even baked a scrummy cake for our arrival.
We simply spent the entire time chilling out. It was perfect and I couldn't have really asked for more- delicious food, amazing company, a cosy barn and a massage to top it off.
I really am very blessed to have such wonderful friends. Thanks guys.
Kerry xoxo



Now, I don't want this to come across as one of those 'new year, new start, new me' type things... but making smoothies has been something I've been meaning to do for ages (honestly!)
I've been collecting ideas and recipes over the past few months and have finally taken the plunge. And I must say, I'm pretty hooked.

I'm rather slap-dash in the kitchen so I've basically just been chucking fruit and veg into the blender and hoping for the best.
But my favourite smoothie so far has to be apple, carrot and ginger, with a hint of orange...
- Peel and chop two apples and one medium carrot
- Chuck into the blender and pour over enough apple juice (not from concentrate) to cover. This gets everything going but you might need to add more later
- Squeeze in the juice of a large orange and grate in a bit of ginger. The amount depends on how much you like ginger. A fingernail size was just enough for me.
- Whizz up and serve (Straws, sparklers and pink flamingo stirrers are optional extras)

I'm really enjoying this smoothie making and I'd love to hear any recipe recommendations.
And if you give this smoothie a go, let me know how you got on!
Kerry xoxo


Back to reality...

Well, the Christmas holiday bubble is about to burst. Most of us are back to work/school/college tomorrow.
Black trousers are washed, nails are freshly painted and I can hear my stilettos giving out an evil chuckle from the back of the wardrobe.

But today was a good day.
We were up bright and early sorting out the garage and we also fitted doors onto the lounge to make it super cosy. And to reward ourselves, Mr H and I had a roast dinner, courtesy of our amazing local pub, as this is something we've been meaning to do since we moved into number 44.
I managed to squeeze in a bit of yoga, a power-nap and also ordered our first Riverford veg box to try.
That just leaves time for a movie, home-made popcorn and a cuddle.

So, I'm feeling positive and determined not to let the Monday-blues get the better of me.

Whether your Christmas break was long (like Mr H's three weeks!) or just a day or two, I hope you all feel rested and relaxed, ready for what's ahead.
Good luck!
Kerry xoxo


Happy New Year!

Image from here.

Here we are again! The start of a brand new year. 365 clean, crisp pages lay before us. 

This year has been a tough one for me and I lost myself for a while. Unlike the previous 22 years, this was the year that wasn't perfect. I made plenty of mistakes. But I also grew up. A lot. 
Luckily, I had some amazing people to support me, to grab my hand and pull me back to my feet.

The mistakes we make are only regrettable, if you don't learn from them. And trust me, I learnt a lot.
But I now feel ready to tackle 2015 stronger, wiser and braver. 

I wish you all every health and happiness for this New Year to come.
It's time to fill up those pages!



I first started practising yoga a few months ago and I guess I went into it very naively. I just wanted to be more flexible.
I honestly never would've imagined the affect it would have and how much of a part of my life it would become.

Yoga is not about forcing your body into precarious positions. It's a lifestyle and one I am trying my utmost to embrace.
I am stretching everyday (well, almost) and have most definitely noticed a change in my body shape.
I also feel more relaxed and more in tune with my body.

Last weekend, my best friend and I went to a 'seasonal workshop' that involved learning about how the seasons affect our bodies and what we can do to prevent them from being out of balance. Autumn is about preparing for the Winter and the cold months.
To help with the preparation; meditation, an empowering yoga flow and a hearty gluten and dairy free lunch.

This workshop could not come more highly recommended.
If you're interested, Jen from Ocean Flow Yoga will be visiting again to do a Spring workshop in February.
For more details, contact Karen at PureBodyBalance.