Back in the saddle!

When I was younger, I adored my weekly horse riding lesson but I haven't had a proper lesson since the stables closed down. So after finding out about Rein & Shine, a brand new local riding school, it was time to get back in the saddle! And yesterday, my sister and I had our very first lesson.

The school is wonderful; clean, organised and passionate. You can immediately tell they really care about making you a better rider; our horses were chosen for us based on our ability and our instructor spent 15 minutes after the lesson talking through our good points and things that could be improved upon.
For my sister, this was her first ever riding lesson and she was well looked after and, although I was pretty rusty (and I'm aching a lot today!), it all started to come back to me. I guess it's like riding a bike... with legs!

Oh, and this little beauty is Charlie. Isn't he gorgeous?

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