Good news!

I've found myself a new job! Well actually, the new job found me. I wasn't looking for another job, as I quite enjoy my current one. Why is it that whenever you stop looking for something, it tends to find you?
Anyway, the new job is in the same building as Mr H, so not only can we car-share, we can go for lunch together! (Is that a little sad?)
It's gonna be pretty sad saying goodbye, as every single person I work with is so lovely, but it's time for a new challenge.
So I'm going to apologise in advance if I'm a bit slow on the blogging side of things , but you'll forgive me right?


  1. Congratulations ... hope it all goes well for you ... Bee x

  2. Many congratulations! May I ask what the job is? Good luck on your first day! X

    1. Thank you Polly! The job is interiors sales support in Cheltenham. Really looking forward to starting! x


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