Christmas traditions

We all have our traditions at Christmas time; whether its ones with the entire family or ones you keep for yourself.
I have always always adored our family traditions but they're harder to stick to as I get older. Things change. Kids grow up. People get married. People drift apart. That's life I guess. 

But this year I realised that it's time to make some new ones. 2013 is the first Christmas that Mr H and I will be waking up with each other on Christmas morning. We went back to the place we bought our tree from last year and I'm joining the Hinns' for the Christmas Eve cinema trip.

(However there is one tradition I'd be happy to get rid of... Being ill at Christmas! It happens every single year. So here I am, two days to go until the big day, cuddled under a blanket with a lemsip. Yuck! Oh well, at least it's in my Christmas mug!)

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