52 weeks.

Last year, I adoringly followed blogs taking part in the 52 portraits project.
This is where parents took photos of their children, every single week throughout the year, then chose the most emotive/funny/captivating/ photograph to share with the world.

I don't yet have children and I must admit, I was a little envious of all these beautiful photos of even more beautiful children.
(You lot really do have the most gorgeous kids!)

So I have decided to start a little personal project of my own- to improve my photography skills, to challenge myself to actually stick to something, to cherish the moments I spend with my loved ones and to simply keep a record of the year.
(I'm yet to think of a catchy name so 52 weeks will have to do for now!)

If you're doing something similar, or know of anyone who is, I would love to know!

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