Monday make- Simple cushion cover

Good morning! It may be a rather dreary Monday but I thought I would start the week by showing you this nice & easy make & this little cushion cover is just that!

You'll need:
- a reasonably sturdy fabric, nothing too flimsy like a chiffon
- cushion pad
- measuring tape
- scissors
- pins

First, measure your cushion pad.
Then cut out your fabric. You want the cushion pad to be nice and snug in the fabric so don't add any seam allowance onto the width, just keep the same measurement.

However the length is a different story...
You want enough fabric to wrap around the cushion, with a decent amount of overlap so the opening doesn't gape. The exact amount is difficult to say but I estimated that I added on another third to a quarter onto the measurement.

This was the second simple cushion cover I've made so I thought I'd be a might more adventurous by adding a little something extra.
It was very easy to do this too; I just simple created a template for the letters, cut out the fabric & used a zig-zag stitch to attach it.
The great thing about this cover, is that you can keep it really simple by using a pretty fabric or add some personality. It really is a blank canvas!

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