Shop Love:: Colorworks a.k.a. Our wedding invites!

I would have really loved to design our wedding stationery but, unfortunately, I knew I just wouldn't have the time

So, we did the next best thing- went to a trusty print shop!
We recruited the help of Colorworks in Bath, to print our invitations and tease the design out of my head.
They did an absolutely amazing job and come very highly recommended!

Image from Colorworks website


  1. Wow! These are gorgeous, really like the style and typography. Also, am now following you after reading your comment on Lou's blog - now you have 2 and I'm sure you'll have a lot more soon!

  2. Oh these are just beautiful ... found you via Lou at littlegreenshed and am happy to be your third follower :) ... Bee x

  3. Aww, thank you both very much! It's very kind of you :) x


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