DIY :: Coloured leg table

We aren't really sure where this little table appeared from but I do know that it's pretty darn cute!
We've just painted the hallway Absolute White so the table looked a tad out of place (& plus, it was a bit grubby!) so thought I would give it a bit of a revamp.

First, I took it outside & gave it a good sanding (It was at this point I realised that the table was made of 3 different types of wood & the edges are a veneer & not real wood!)

Then to begin painting...
Ok, I probably should have primed it & used a proper furniture paint... but we had so much paint leftover from doing the walls, I just used that & it worked absolutely fine (but I promise I'll but the proper stuff next time!)

To paint the legs, I used masking tape to get a nice clean edge. Remember, to let the paint dry fully before peeling it off!

Tada! A brand new table. I don't think I will varnish it, I quite like the matte look.



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