Wedding round-up: The best bits...

Woohoo, I’ve been literally dying to tell you about the wedding & now I can!

I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderfully perfect our wedding day was.
The sun shone, the string quartet serenaded & a few tears were shed (happy ones of course!)
Our guests played giant jenga in the garden, had lots of laughs in the photobooth, scoffed the pick'n'mix until they felt sick then danced the night away & we didn’t stop smiling the entire day.
If I only had one word to sum up the day: FUN

They say a picture speaks a thousand words... So I'm pretty sure these photos speak volumes. We cannot thank our amazing photographer, Simon Young aka Gloucester Photographer, enough for all that he did for us. He even became a friend. 

My lovely father-in-law is also very talented behind a camera, so a big thank you to him too!


  1. Looks like a perfect day! I love the idea of having pick and mix. Your dress is stunning and I really like the choice of yellow bridesmaid dresses too!

    1. Thank you Polly :) The pick n mix went down so well, a little too well actually... people were filling their bags before the food was served!

  2. It looks like a great day, congratulations and your new blog is lovely!

    1. Thank you so much, it really was the perfect day!
      & it seems congratulations are in order for you too! Happy anniversary! I love hearing peoples wedding stories x


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