Happy Sofa-day!

We would like to introduce you to the new member of the family... Felix!
Ok, I know I must sound completely mad & yes, I do know Felix is a sofa. But this is a very special sofa. We have been lusting over Felix in John Lewis for years & madly saving up the pennies but now he's finally ours (woohoo!)

He is pretty handsome though, dontcha think? & he is lovely & snuggly to curl up on.
But I think he will look perfect with a few more cushions- I will sneakily buy them so hubby doesn't notice & then do that thing us girls love to do "What that? Oh no, that's always been there!"
I would love some recommendations for cushions... any suggestions?


  1. Find some gorge fabric and make your own - no guilt there :) or you could even knit/crochet some oooo :) x

    1. You're right Sam! I've got soooo many knitted ones from my degree but they're all in a little collection on our sofa bed. So will need to crack on with making some new ones for this sofa! xx


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