Wimbledon Cake

(A confession to start... I made this strawberry cake to enjoy whilst watching the Wimbledon final. Well, Andy Murray may have made it to Sunday's final (& won, woohoo!) but the cake certainly did not! Hubby & I devoured the cake well before Sunday. Oops)

I'm trying to brush up on my baking skills & I really wanted to use the cake dome we received as a wedding pressie.
The easy option here would have been just to ask my sister to make me a cake because she is a total natural when it comes to baking. Bit of this, sprinkle of that; & hey presto, a lovely cake!
Me however, not so much. But I do make a cracking lasagne!

Anyway, I thought I would start by throwing together a really easy sponge. It's pretty much as easy as you can get. (The recipe is adapted from one I saw here.)

This strawberry cake is really soft & gooey & best served with cream (well it wouldn't be Wimbledon without strawberries & cream now would it!)

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  1. Looks delicious. I can believe it didn't last until the game ;) Have a lovely day, Sarah


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