November love list...

I just don't what it is about November that I love so much.
Maybe it's because there's still a tiny bit of Autumn in the air or because the nights are drawing in and there's an even better excuse to snuggle up indoors! Or maybe because it's the calm before the mad rush of Christmas.
Either way, I feel all cosy inside when I think of November, and this year, it's going to be an especially good one!

This month, I'm loving...
* This wonderfully warming soup recipe (a great way to make use of the leftover halloween pumpkin!)

* Those chilly, misty mornings

* A toasty bonfire to warm those chilly hands, whilst oo'ing and ah'ing at the fireworks

* This blanket! (I know it's everywhere but it doesn't stop me wanting to snuggle up in it!)

* Finally, I cannot wait for my trip to this lovely country to see an even lovelier person!

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