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I first met Mairi, of Mustard & Peaches, at New Designers in 2012. I was immediately struck by her passion for her craft (and her sweet Scottish accent!)
That amount of glittering jewellery in one small space was pretty overwhelming but Mairi's work seemed to yell out at me, even though her pieces were by far the most understated. Her simple display allowed her collection of beautifully delicate, yet oddly shaped, rings to really stand out. I fell in love instantly.

We kept in touch over the following months because, like me, Mairi had just graduated from university and was finding her feet in the big wide world.
One of her business ideas was to invite couples, to her cosy house tucked away in the Northern Irish countryside, to make their own wedding rings. And in February, Steve and I were invited to be the guinea pigs! (Read about our amazing adventure here)

Since then, Mairi and her husband Adam have moved to a lovely London suburb. And at the weekend, we paid her a little visit in her adorable new studio.

Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough of Mairi. The newly launched range is absolutely stunning but if you're looking for something bespoke, Mustard and Peaches is truly perfect.

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