Happy Valentines.

I used to be a hopeless romantic. And Mr H set the standard pretty high when we first starting dating- with extravagant flowers, spontaneous weekends away and expensive meals in posh restaurants. 
But I was only a teenager back then and the reality is, life gets in the way.
These days, romance is waking up with a cup of tea at your bedside, a cuddle on the sofa and a sneaky kiss when no ones looking.
Oh, and of course there's the occasional bunch of flowers when he knows he's in trouble!


  1. Cuppa, cuddle and a kiss sounds like romance to me :) We've never really stuck to Valentine's Day as it seems strange being 'told' to be romantic on a certain day!

    1. I totally agree- romance is what you make it! I'm easily pleased, so my single red rose, with a £1 sticker stuck on it, was more than enough for me!


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