Baldwin Wedding

As an ex-Baldwin, there are some genetic traits that will stick with me, no matter what my name may be.
Baldwins are notorious for always being late to the party. But also being the last to leave. We love good food, good wine (I'm working on that one!) and a good laugh. We're very laid back, practically horizontal, but we hate early mornings.

We're also a 'spontaneous', and quite frankly disorganised, bunch so it's pretty rare that we all manage to get together in one place, at the same time.

However, last Thursday, we all gathered to celebrate the marriage of Emma and my uncle Mark.
The wedding was held in my favourite place in the world- the city of Bath.
Our day began with a leisurely walk to Waitrose to buy the thank-you presents for the speeches (I did say we were disorganised!)
The ceremony was truly beautiful and everyone was glowing with happiness.
The reception followed and we celebrated long into the nigh. And, as you might expect, we were the last to leave.

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