Happy International Yoga Day, to all you gorgeous yogis out there.
It also happens to be Fathers Day and the Summer Solstice so today is a pretty special day!

Last night I celebrated Fathers Day with my Pops by going out for a delicious Thai meal, a few drinks and a lot of laughs! A standard night when I'm with my Dad!

Yesterday, I also went to my fourth Seasonal Yoga workshop at Pure Body Balance, led by the wonderful Jen from OceanFlow Yoga.
The Summer season is all about Fire; opening you heart, connecting with others and having fun.
We had a picnic lunch of sprouted salad, buckwheat gnocchi and homemade pesto, to name a few things on the menu. And the day was rounded off by Qigong outside in the wet grass. Perfect.

I woke up this morning feeling strong and full of energy. So much so, I managed to get into my first ever inversion! So this is my little dedication of International Yoga Day.
I had only heard of this day a couple of weeks ago and at first, thought it was a bit gimmicky. But after spending my Saturday surrounded by beautiful fellow yogis, it clicked in my mind what today is really about...
When I first started out doing yoga, around a year ago, I never imagined how much of a part of my life it would become and how much I would learn. I have more respect for my body, inside and out, and I have met some truly inspiring people along the way.
I cant really remember the reason for my first Google search 'yoga in Swindon' but I have come a long way since then. And I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me!

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