Its almost been a whole year since I last wrote in this space. I cant quite believe it. The past 10 months have flown by.

My best friend has just started her first blog (which I love reading) and she has made me realise how much I miss writing here.
I never felt I had much to say (or that anyone wanted to hear it more to the point) but her blog isn't about writing for others, its a little space just for her; to share her story, her thoughts and her feelings.

I think that's where my blog went a bit astray; I was too concerned with making it perfect and what people would think. I was writing for other people and not myself.
But that shouldn't be what blogging is about, right!? Because ultimately, if you don't love your little corner of the internet, then who will?

I hope to be posting more here in the future; and I hope to be more real, more authentic and more honest than before.

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