Now, I don't want this to come across as one of those 'new year, new start, new me' type things... but making smoothies has been something I've been meaning to do for ages (honestly!)
I've been collecting ideas and recipes over the past few months and have finally taken the plunge. And I must say, I'm pretty hooked.

I'm rather slap-dash in the kitchen so I've basically just been chucking fruit and veg into the blender and hoping for the best.
But my favourite smoothie so far has to be apple, carrot and ginger, with a hint of orange...
- Peel and chop two apples and one medium carrot
- Chuck into the blender and pour over enough apple juice (not from concentrate) to cover. This gets everything going but you might need to add more later
- Squeeze in the juice of a large orange and grate in a bit of ginger. The amount depends on how much you like ginger. A fingernail size was just enough for me.
- Whizz up and serve (Straws, sparklers and pink flamingo stirrers are optional extras)

I'm really enjoying this smoothie making and I'd love to hear any recipe recommendations.
And if you give this smoothie a go, let me know how you got on!
Kerry xoxo

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